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To Know Or Not To Know …

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Know facts. Get the known facts based on scientific knowledge.


To lead our lives in the best possible way we need knowledge about all aspects of the world we live in.

We need to know the factsKnowledge may be likened to maps. A map should represent the landscape accurately. Otherwise it would be misleading and useless. We need many different kinds of reliable maps - in our mind - of the various aspects of the world. For a map to be reliable it should be based on facts.


A fact is something that really exists. It is verifiable meaning that it can be confirmed. Facts can be obtained using objective methods. For example to make a map of the landscape we would use objective methods like to measure distances and using photography from the air. Subjective indicators like personal feelings, interpretations and beliefs would be useless.

True to everyone

Unlike “pseudo-knowledge” based on beliefs (usuallyFacts can be accepted by everyone acquired by indoctrination in a minority), knowledge based on facts can be accepted by everyone because it has been obtained using objective methods, which are not being influenced by personal beliefs.

We humans are part of nature. We function according to the same principles as all living creatures. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to study nature to know more about ourselves and our role in the world we live in.

All may benefit

Science applies objective methods to explore all Science is organized knowledge based on factsaspects of our world. It is the only useful way to obtain real fact-based knowledge.

Scientific knowledge is still incomplete in many ways. Nevertheless, scientific progress is taking place every Scientific knowledge has the potential to benefit allday. Real knowledge based on scientific facts can benefit all of us, because it is not biased by beliefs.

This site will present important topics by exposing the current scientific facts and knowledge. A most important topic is nutrition, which we has aimed to present as concisely as possible.


I Erik Christensen have made this website. I am chief consultant physician at a major university hospital in Copenhagen and associate professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I am specialist in internal medicine, medical gastroenterology and hepatology and author of more than 150 scientific papers in journal and books.

Please note: I am not sponsored by anyone. I am the only person responsible for the information on this site.  I have attempted to give as accurate, unbiased and valid information as possible.

I hope you find the information on the site useful.

Thanks for visiting!


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